Canadian Visual Artist Joanne Gervais

Joanne’s artwork is a delicate and striking balance of composition and depiction, all having an organic essence flowing through. This is the result of decades of training in life drawing and painting. Her deft use of colour and texture solidified by her training in the classical arts and now influenced by the hard edges of contemporary painting, combine to create a style that defines her work regardless of what subjects she chooses to depict.

Joanne Gervais loves painting subjects as diverse as portraits, abstracts, sports and landscapes using all media but favouring oils and pastels and now with acrylics.


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See One of Joanne’s Paintings Come to Life from Start to Finish

Joanne crafted this beautiful piece over a few days, dozens of paint brushes and many tubes of paints and glasses of tea. This hockey painting was created at Joanne’s old studio prior to the design and build of her dedicated studio in Kingston Ontario.

To see more of Joanne’s works in progress, simply email her and she will gladly share her current works with you. If you would like more information on ordering reproductions, cards, or even a custom original painting then you can use the contact form on this website to send her an email personally.

Take a look through Joanne’s portfolio to discover the wide range of media and styles that she is capable of producing. There are thousands of pieces that Joanne has created over the years so there is something for everyone.