Commission & Pricing Guidelines

Joanne Gervais

1746 Unity Road, Glenburnie  (Kingston), Ontario, Canada K0H 1S0613-777-8451        jgervais@kingston.net     www.joannegervais.com

CONSIDERATIONS when ordering a Commission:

Subject(s):   Why are you considering a painting of this subject?

Heirloom/historical   interests, great affection/love of the subject?  gift for an event such as retirement, anniversary, etc.

Style of Artwork:  Classical representational, abstract expressionism, impressionism, photographic or cubist, colour or black & white, mass or line.  Visit my web site or do an online search to see various art styles.

Media:   Often determined by style, purpose and final display location. Choices include traditional and alkyd oils, acrylics, soft artist pastel, oil pastel, oil sticks and slicks, charcoal, graphite and other drawing media, watercolour, gouache, watersoluble pencils,  inks and pigment powders.

A factor on occasion is due date.  Short production times sometimes require fast drying media. Weight is of consideration if air flight is involved and lightweight support may be needed.


Determined by location the artwork is to be displayed—how much space is available

Cost:    Determined by various factors

Media:  oils are typically more expensive than watercolours

Paint in full colour costs more than black and white drawing media

Support , matting , framing, varnishing, etc.

But the greatest factors affecting the price are the artists time/labour and the skill, talent and reputation of an artist.  A late career artist is usually more expensive than an emerging artist, as his skill and experience usually produce better works that early career pieces.  Many mid-career artists reach a pinnacle in their work at various times when they reach certain plateaus in their development.

SCULPTURES:  Prices vary considerably depending on the size and complexity.   $450-1200 is a starting price for table size sculptures.   Joanne is in early apprenticeship training in regards sculpting and so far she is a natural with this medium.


The following are just guidelines to assist you in determining a price estimate for a work(s) you may be interested in commissioning.

Prices will be listed according to size:

SMALL WORKS:                  8X10, 11X14, 12X16,14X18

MEDIUM WORKS:             16X20, 22X28 , 18X24

LARGE WORKS:                  20X24, 24X36,  20X30

XLARGE WORKS:               36X48,  40X50, 48X60

MURAL SIZE:                      48X96, 72×96, 100X96




Small       $400 – 600              $ 800 –  1600                     $1000 – 1800

Medium  $800-1000              $1000 –  1800                    $1400 – 2000

Large               ——                  $1800 –  2500                    $2800 – 4500

Xlarge            ——                    $2800 – 4500  `              $4800 –   5500

Mural size ask for a quote

Multi figure ask for a quote


Similar in price to portraits depending on complexity.

Landscape:   without figures are approx. half the cost of a portrait

Landscape:    with figures add $100 per figure

with buildings add $100-400 per building

The above are just guidelines, it is still best to contact the artist to get an initial quote by phone or email.  A firm quote is usually given after an interview where a full description of the artwork is described and suggestions/negotiations determine the time and costs likely involved in the creation of your work.  A deposit and payments in installments may be required if the work is an extensive piece, with the balance owing upon completion.